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Cylinders Key Systems

We have various types of cylinders key systems that will suit most of the application from regular household to commercial area even construction sites.

Key Alike System - KA

This system allows for a number of cylinders to be operated by the same key it is ideally suited for residential and commercial applications, such as front and back doors.

Key Alike System Illustration Diagram
Master Key System

Master Key System - MK

A master-keyed system involves each lock having its own individual key which will not operate any other lock in the system and all locks can be operated by single master-key. This system usually applied in commercial use case.

Grand Master Key System - GMK

This is an extension of the master-keyed system where each lock has its own individual key and the locks are divided into 2 or more groups. Each lock group is operated by a master key and the entire system is operated by one grand master-key. This is ideally utilized in complex commercial systems.

Grand Master Key System Illustration Diagram
Construction Keyed System Illustration Diagram

Construction Keyed System - CMK

This keying option allows multiple cylinders on construction job sites can to be temporarily prepared for operation by a single key. While under construction, one master key operates all of the cylinders on the site. Then, when a tenant moves in a special change-over key is inserted, which alters key access, disallowing the construction master key to ever work again and preparing the cylinder for operation by the user key only

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